Lossless Cream - Disraeli Gears (1967/2013) FLAC (tracks) music download

Blues / Rock

Cream - Disraeli Gears (1967/2013) FLAC (tracks)

Artist: Cream | Album: Disraeli Gears | Released: 1967/2013 | Genre: Rock, Blues, | Country: UK | Duration: 01:22:49

Quality SACD Audio#1: Flac 2.0, 24bit/96 kHz, bitrate: 2918.00 kbps avg


01. Strange Brew (Stereo)
02. Sunshine Of Your Love (Stereo)
03. World Of Pain (Stereo)
04. Dance The Night Away (Stereo)
05. Blue Condition (Stereo)
06. Tales Of Brave Ulysses (Stereo)
07. SWLABR (Stereo)
08. We’re Going Wrong (Stereo)
09. Outside Woman Blues (Stereo)
10. Take It Back (Stereo)
11. Mother’s Lament (Stereo)
12. Lawdy Mama (Version 1 – Stereo)
13. Lawdy Mama (Version 2 – Stereo)
14. Blue Condition (Alternate version – Stereo)
15. Strange Brew (Mono)
16. Sunshine Of Your Love (Mono)
17. World Of Pain (Mono)
18. Dance The Night Away (Mono)
19. Blue Condition (Mono)
20. Tales Of Brave Ulysses (Mono)
21. SWLABR (Mono)
22. We’re Going Wrong (Mono)
23. Outside Woman Blues (Mono)
24. Take It Back (Mono)
25. Mother’s Lament (Mono)
26. Lawdy Mama (Version 1 – Mono)
27. Lawdy Mama (Version 2 – Mono)
28. Blue Condition (Alternate version – Mono)

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Cream - Disraeli Gears (1967/2013) FLAC (tracks)

Lossless music Cream - Disraeli Gears (1967/2013) FLAC (tracks) download flac


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