Lossless Nemesis - Gigaherz (2010) WV (image + .cue) music download

Downtempo / Ambient / Chillout / Electronic

Nemesis - Gigaherz (2010) WV (image + .cue)
Artist: Nemesis | Album: Gigaherz | Released: 2010 | Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Chillout, Downtempo | Country: Finland | Duration: 01:16:50

The birth of Nemesis dates back to 1.1.1987. That day two Finnish schoolboys with mutual musical interests decided to form a band. Nothing unusual about that. Except that they had very clear image of how good music should sound - but nobody seemed to make such music at the time, so they decided to have a go at it themselves...
They live and work in Kokkola, a rather small town in the northwest coast of Finland. They are not truly professional musicians, mainly because it is virtually impossible to make a living by playing this kind of music in Finland. Nevertheless, Nemesis has always had a very professional attitude towards its music making.
Both guys had experimented with music and sounds in their childhood like almost every kid with a microphone and a cheap C-cassette recorder did... in those days, anyway. But for Ami and Jyrki, it was clearly more important phase than for most.


01. Kopernikus (9:20)
02. Gigaherz (8:04)
03. Karyon (6:57)
04. Vertical Horizon (5:18)
05. Nautilus (7:54)
06. Return to the Well (7:18)

Evolution Suite:

07. The First Sea (5:00)
08. Origin of Species (1:48)
09. Terra Firma (8:09)
10. Koobi Fora (5:02)
11. Meander (2:36)
12. Out of the Cradle (1:26)
13. Final Frontier (5:28)
14. Coldfront (0:27)
15. Last Footprints (2:04)

Lossless music Nemesis - Gigaherz (2010) WV (image + .cue) download flac


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