Lossless Gore Elohim - Electric Lucifer (2013) FLAC (tracks) music download

Hip-Hop / Rap

Gore Elohim - Electric Lucifer (2013) FLAC (tracks)
Artist: Gore Elohim | Album: Electric Lucifer | Released: 2013 | Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap | Country: USA | Duration: 01:17:55

The former Non-Phixion member proved that he definitely hadn’t mellowed with age on this gritty follow-up to 2004’s cult favourite “The Art Of Dying”. Sounding like it had been recorded in a secret underground bunker somewhere in Brooklyn, “Electric Lucifer” found Goretex immersing himself in a shadowy world of government corruption, alien abductions and Illuminati conspiracies. As the man himself said, it’s that sinister s**t.


01. Progress (2:20)
02. Kill for Hashem (3:53)
03. Skeptics Apocalypse (3:54)
04. Last Days of Humanity (4:05)
05. Children of Doom (feat. Red Eye, Born Unique & Venom) (4:27)
06. Lord of Plagues (3:45)
07. Food Embassy (3:36)
08. The Essence of Putrescence (2:49)
09. Inverted Churches (feat. Jak Tripper) (2:46)
10. Ordination for Excorsism (3:25)
11. Iron Baphomet (feat. Young Dirty Bastard) (2:00)
12. Late for an Early Grave (3:38)
13. Crisis (4:06)
14. Electric Lucifer (4:13)
15. Poison the City (3:10)
16. Goretorium (4:02)
17. Federal Emergency Management Agency (4:39)
18. Videotapes (feat. Jak Tripper) (3:15)
19. Ritual Abuse (4:04)
20. Brown Bunny (2:02)
21. Spiritual Harassment (feat. Tragedy Khadafi) (3:16)
22. The Dream Is Dead (feat. Young Dirty Bastard) (4:19)

Lossless music Gore Elohim - Electric Lucifer (2013) FLAC (tracks) download flac


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