Lossless Silent Poets - Firm Roots (1996) FLAC music download

Hip-Hop / Electronic

Silent Poets - Firm Roots (1996) FLAC
Artist: Silent Poets | Album: Firm Roots | Released: 1996 | Label: 99 Records | Catalog #: 2158 | Genre: Electronic, Hip-Hop


01. Subspecies
02. Neighborhood
03. Stowing Away
04. Firm Roots
05. A Loophole
06. Day
07. Talk Is Toy
08. Rockers Loop
09. Low Rumble
10. Mass
11. Travelling Down
12. Forest
13. Stowing Air

Lossless music Silent Poets - Firm Roots (1996) FLAC download flac


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Great & forgotten - underrated album:(
Thank you for this great album (I love downtempo+jazz+triphop+...) The whole album is great, but from the fourth track-> breaks me into pieces;)
I greet and thank, thank you again ;)
PS http://flac-lossless.net/ (in my opinion) there is nowhere better side because a moderator on this page is a monster fulfilling wishes of my dreams ;)

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Thank you very much for your comment. Always happy to fulfill your wishes.

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