Lossless Kvalda - Kvalda (2004) FLAC (tracks + .cue) music download


Kvalda - Kvalda (2004) FLAC (tracks + .cue)
Artist: Kvalda | Album: Kvalda | Released: 1.1.2004 | Genre: Jazz | Country: Finland | Duration: 00:48:52

Kvalda, a jazz ensemble formed in 2002, combines lucid Scandinavian jazz and free expression into a fresh and modern blend of music. It is characteristic of the quartet to diffuse the boundaries of improvisation and composition.

В» Aili Ikonen - singing
В» Antti Kujanpää - piano
В» Jori Huhtala - basso
В» Hanne Pulli - drums

“Basically the best vocalist we’ve had by a fair amount”, is how my notes read, no small thing given the much-promoted appearances of Boine and Hukkelberg.
… The final element elevating the performance to exceptional was all this occurred in conversations throughout the body of the songs as well as extended solos. Combined with the wide variety of moods in the compositions, virtually every offering seemed to expose a new element of the band’s abilities


01. Saatto Antti Kujanpää, san. Aili Ikonen
02. Kavala Antti Kujanpää
03. Yökyöpelisäv Aili Ikonen
04. Rauhasäv Antti Kujanpää
05. Sea Change Antti Kujanpää, san. Aili Ikonen
06. Synkistelijä Jori Huhtala
07. Mitäs/ Kyy Jori Huhtala
08. Auringonpalvoja Aili Ikonen

Lossless music Kvalda - Kvalda (2004) FLAC (tracks + .cue) download flac


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