Lossless The Temptations - Gettin Ready (1966) WV (image + .cue) music download


The Temptations - Gettin Ready (1966) WV (image + .cue)
Artist: The Temptations | Album: Gettin' Ready | Released: 1966 | Genre: Funk, Soul, Jazz | Country: USA | Duration: 00:38:36

David Ruffin Vocals
Eddie Kendricks Vocals
Paul Williams Vocals
Melvin Franklin Vocals
Otis Williams Vocals (Background)
James Jamerson Bass
Elbridge "Al" Bryant: Vocals
Diana Ross Vocals (Background)
Mary Wilson Vocals (Background)
Florence Ballard Vocals (Background)
The Funk Brothers Instrumentation
Suha Gur Digital Remastering
William "Mickey" Stevenson Producer
Ivy Jo Hunter Producer
Robert Staunton Producer
Robert Walker Producer
Sylvester Potts Producer
Marv Johnson Producer
Norman Whitfield Executive Producer, Producer, Arranger
William "Smokey" Robinson Executive Producer, Producer, Arranger


01. Say You [Dobyne, Jones, Staunton] (2:30)
02. Little Miss Sweetness [Robinson] (3:09)
03. Ain't Too Proud to Beg [Holland, Whitfield] (2:32)
04. Get Ready Robinson (2:38)
05. Lonely, Lonely Man Am I [Holland, Kendricks, Whtifield] (2:34)
06. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby [Bradford, Strong, Whitfield] (2:39)
07. I've Been Good to You [Robinson] (3:00)
08. It's a Lonely World Without Your Love [Hunter, Stevenson] (2:34)
09. Fading Away [Moore, Robinson, Rogers] (2:39)
10. Who You Gonna Run To [Robinson] (3:05)
11. You're Not an Ordinary Girl [Moore, Robinson, Rogers] (2:50)
12. Not Now, I'll Tell You Later [Robinson, Williams (2:55)
13. Give It Up (2:20)
14. The Man Who Don't Believe in Love (2:26)

Lossless music The Temptations - Gettin Ready (1966) WV (image + .cue) download flac


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