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Metal / Heavy Metal

Angra - Angels Cry (1993) FLAC (tracks)
Artist: Angra | Album: Angels Cry | Released: 1993 | Genre: Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal | Country: Brasil | Duration: 00:55:41

Angels Cry is the debut album of Brazilian metal band Angra. It was released in 1993 and recorded in Germany at Kai Hansen's studios in Hamburg.

Despite being featured in the inlays and photo shoots for the album, drummer Ricardo Confessori did not play on the album as he was not a member of the band at the time of recording, with the majority of drum duties handled by Alex Holzwarth, while Thomas Nack (at the time a Gamma Ray member) played on "Wuthering Heights".

The opening track is a short rendition of Franz Schubert's "Symphony No. 8", commonly known as his "Unfinished Symphony". In addition, the title track features a brief arrangement of "Caprice no. 24" by Niccolò Paganini, whereas "Evil Warning" features a brief arrangement of "Winter" by Antonio Vivaldi.


01. Unfinished Allegro (1:14)
02. Carry On (5:03)
03. Time (5:55)
04. Angels Cry (6:48)
05. Stand Away (4:55)
06. Never Understand [feat. Sascha Paeth, Kai Hansen & Dirk Schlachter] (7:48)
07. Wuthering Heights [Kate Bush cover] [feat. Thomas Nack] (4:38)
08. Streets Of Tomorrow (5:02)
09. Evil Warning (6:41)
10. Lasting Child- I. The Parting Words; II. Renaissance (Instrumental) (7:37)

Lossless music Angra - Angels Cry (1993) FLAC (tracks) download flac


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