Lossless 7 Seals - Moribund - Every Kingdom Has To Pass (2008) WV (image+.cue) music download


7 Seals - Moribund - Every Kingdom Has To Pass (2008) WV (image+.cue)
Artist: 7 Seals | Album: Moribund - Every Kingdom Has To Pass | Released: 2008 | Label: Self-Released | Genre: Metal, Power Metal

7 Seals is a new band from Germany and 'Moribund' is their full-length debut. As you could probably guess by the cover artwork, they're a symphonic power metal band and 'Moribund' is a concept album, based on one of the most significant heroic epics of the late Middle Ages (Das Nibelungenlied). Although the band isn't directly comparable to one band, they definitely belong in the circle that contains Rhapsody of Fire, Six Magics, Thy Majestie, Derdian, Seyminhol, Divinefire, Ekzistencia, Final Chapter, Bride Adorned, Holy Knights, Kyrie Eleison and Masterpiece.


01. Prologue (01:26)
02. To Forests Wild And Free (06:36)
03. Treasure Of The Elder (06:32)
04. Unforeseen Alliance (05:59)
05. The Isle Of Fire And Ice (09:11)
06. Fortune And Deceit (03:37)
07. Prelude To Perdition (00:53)
08. A Fateful Conspiracy (05:11)
09. Farewell (02:30)
10. A Gift To The Nymph (06:58)
11. The Fierce King Of The Huns (05:21)
12. Moribund (04:31)
13. Epilogue (01:47)

Lossless music 7 Seals - Moribund - Every Kingdom Has To Pass (2008) WV (image+.cue) download flac


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