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Dave Dobbyn - Loyal (1988) FLAC
Artist: Dave Dobbyn | Album: Loyal | Released: 1988 | Label: CBS | Catalog #: 460655 2 | Genre: Pop

Loyal is a 1988 album by New Zealand singer-songwriter Dave Dobbyn. After the Footrot Flats album, Loyal moved him further away from the pub rock of DD Smash and into contemporary pop rock. The album "confronts love, loyalty and the power of personal politics."
The album reached number 9 on the New Zealand music charts.

The hit single Slice of Heaven from the Footrot Flats soundtrack was also included on the album, despite it being nearly two years old at the time of the album release. Dobbyn commented that the song fitted in with the general theme of loyalty.


01. "Love You Like I Should" 3:32
02. "Ain't No Doubt (Someone's Life)" 3:42
03. "Defying Gravity" 3:58
04. "Hell Takes No Holiday" 4:26
05. "Stay" 4:40
06. "Loyal" 4:39
07. "Slice of Heaven" (featuring Herbs) 4:37
08. "I Wanna Know You" 4:09
09. "Little Zeroes" 4:19
10. "2 Fast Cars" 3:33
11. "Liberty Bound" 3:54
12. "Joy" 4:56

Lossless music Dave Dobbyn - Loyal (1988) FLAC download flac


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