Lossless The Re-Stoned - Analog (2011) FLAC music download


The Re-Stoned - Analog (2011) FLAC
Artist: The Re-Stoned | Album: Analog | Released: 2011 | Genre: Psychedelic

Analog is the second installment from the great instrumental psychedelic jam machine known as The Re-Stoned. Rather than simply copy the formula established from their first album, they have produced something with a different vibe completely... Less metallic than 'Revealed Gravitation', this album is heavily rooted in psychedelic, sprawling jams that are breath-taking, free-flowing improvisations... The relaxed, acid-drenched atmosphere in combination with the warm production makes this album kind of sensual, strange to say that in relation with a psychedelic, stoner jam band but these tunes sound sexy (perfect f**king music) that still rocks at the same time. Songs are beautifully arranged even with the improvisatory attitude. They can go from slow, bluesy passages to stoner-metal riff rock to moments of spacey psychedelic acid rock and it is all done seamlessly... It is one of the 'must-haves' of 2011


01. Northen Lights 05:58
02. Analog 10:48
03. Put the sound down or get the hell out 06:05
04. Crystals 09:20
05. Feedback 07:53
06. Music for Jimmy 07:27
07. Dream of Vodyanoy 14:00

Lossless music The Re-Stoned - Analog (2011) FLAC download flac


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