Lossless Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II (2012) FLAC (image + .cue) music download


Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II (2012) FLAC (image + .cue)
Artist: Steve Hackett | Album: Genesis Revisited II | Released: 2012 | Genre: Progressive Rock, Rock | Country: Great Britain | Duration: 02:24:45

Steve Hackett: guitars, vocals
Roger King: keyboards
Amanda Lehmann: guitar, vocals
Jo Lehmann: backing vocals
Christine Townsend: violin, viola
Dave Kerzner: keyboards
Dick Driver: double bass
Francis Dunnery: guitar, vocals
Gary O'Toole: drums, percussion, vocals
John Hackett: flute
John Wetton: bass, guitar, vocals
Mikael Akerfeldt: vocals
Nad Sylvan: vocals
Nik Kershaw: vocals
Phil Mulford: bass
Rachel Ford: cello
Roine Stolt: guitar
Steve Rothery: guitar
Nick Magnus: keyboards
Neal Morse: keyboards, vocals
Jeremy Stacey: drums
Conrad Keely: vocals
Nick Beggs: bass, Chapman stick
Steven Wilson: guitar, vocals
Rob Townsend: sax, flute and blown sundries
Jakko Jakszyk: guitar, vocals
Simon Collins: keyboard, vocals
Lee Pomeroy: bass, Chapman stick


CD 1:

01. The Chamber of 32 Doors (6:00)
02. Horizons (1:41)
03. Supper's Ready (23:35)
04. The Lamia (7:47)
05. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight (8:10)
06. Fly on a Windshield (2:53)
07. Broadway Melody of 1974 (2:23)
08. The Musical Box (10:57)
09. Can-utility and the Coastliners (5:49)
10. Please Don't Touch (4:03)

CD 2:

01. Blood on the Rooftops (6:56)
02. The Return of the Giant Hogweed (8:45)
03. Entangled (6:35)
04. Eleventh Earl of Mar (7:50)
05. Ripples (8:14)
06. Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers... (2:21)
07. ...In That Quiet Earth (4:47)
08. Afterglow (4:09)
09. A Tower Struck Down (4:45)
10. Camino Royale (6:19)
11. Shadow of the Hierophant (10:45)

Lossless music Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II (2012) FLAC (image + .cue) download flac


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