Lossless Joe Satriani - Super Colossal (2006) FLAC (image + .cue) music download


Joe Satriani - Super Colossal (2006) FLAC (image + .cue)
Artist: Joe Satriani | Album: Super Colossal | Released: 2006 | Genre: Rock | Country: USA | Duration: 00:59:01

Super Colossal is the eleventh studio album by guitarist Joe Satriani, released on March 14, 2006 through Epic Records. The final track, "Crowd Chant", was originally going to be named "Party on the Enterprise", featuring sampled sounds of the Enterprise spacecraft from the Star Trek series. However, prior to the album's release, Satriani explained on a podcast that he was unable to acquire the legal rights to use the samples, choosing instead to replace them with his own sounds and rename the track.[2] The song is used by various American football and ice hockey teams upon scoring a goal at home games. It was later featured on the soundtrack to the 2009 video game, NHL 2K10, while a cover version appears in Madden NFL 11.


01. Super Colossal 4:14
02. Just Like Lightnin' 4:01
03. It's So Good 4:14
04. Redshift Riders 4:50
05. Ten Words 3:28
06. A Cool New Way 6:13
07. One Robot's Dream 6:16
08. The Meaning of Love 4:34
09. Made of Tears 5:32
10. Theme for a Strange World 4:39
11. Movin' On 4:05
12. A Love Eternal 3:33
13. Crowd Chant 3:14

Lossless music Joe Satriani - Super Colossal (2006) FLAC (image + .cue) download flac


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