Lossless Ekseption - Ekseption plays Bach (1989) FLAC music download


Ekseption - Ekseption plays Bach (1989) FLAC
Artist: Ekseption | Album: Ekseption plays Bach | Released: 1989 | Genre: Progressive Rock, Rock| Duration: 00:42:27


01. Italian Concerto (J. S. Bach / arr. R. v. d. Linden) 4:59 В© 1973
02. Toccata (From Toccata and Fugue in D-minor for pipe-organ) (J. S. Bach / arr. R. v. d. Linden) 5:15 В© 1973
03. Vivace (Allegro from the Concerto for violin and str1ngs in A-minor, BWV1041) (J. S. Bach / arr. R. v. d. Linden) 2:50 В© 1972
04. The Lamplighter (Prelude and Fugue in A-minor) (J. S. Bach / arr. r.v. d. Linden) 3:03 В© 1970
05. Siciliano (Siciliano from Sonata for flute and harpsichord) (J.S. Bach/arr. R.v.d. Linden) 3:17 В© 1972
06. Ave Maira (arr. R. v. d. Linden) (consists of fragments from Fugue in D-minor, Prelude No. 1 in C) (J. S. Bach), AVE MARIA (J. S. Bach/C.Gounod) 2:36 В© 1971
07. Bourree (J. S. Bach/arr. H. Hollestelle/J. Vennik/J. J. Jansen) 3:17 В© 1975
08. Have Mercy On Me (Erbarme dich, BWV 244) (J. S. Bach/arr. J. Vennik) 5:44 В© 1976
09. Partita No. 2 In C-Minor (J.S. Bach/arr. R.v.d. Linden) 5:46 В© 1971
10. Peace Planet (Badinerie from Suite No. 2 in B-minor) (J. S. Bach/arr.R.v.d. Linden) 3:34 В© 1970
11. Air (J. S. Bach/arr. R. v. d. Linden) 2:52 В© 1969

Lossless music Ekseption - Ekseption plays Bach (1989) FLAC download flac


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