Lossless Foreigner - Unusual Heat (1991) FLAC (image + .cue) music download


Foreigner - Unusual Heat (1991) FLAC (image + .cue)
Artist: Foreigner | Album: Unusual Heat | Released: 1991 | Genre: Rock | Country: USA | Duration: 00:51:29

With Rick Willis on bass, Dennis Elliot playing drums, Mick Jones on guitar/keyboards, and the debut of Johnny Edwards from King Kobra and Buster Brown on vocals, the 1991 version of Foreigner actually was better than one would expect. Ten of the 11 songs on the Unusual Heat CD were written by co-producer Terry Thomas, new singer Johnny Edwards, and band mainstay Mick Jones, and they still had that bombast and brash appeal of the group which once featured so many textures brought to life by the voice of Lou Gramm. The unusual thing about Unusual Heat is that it is actually a good product and quite listenable. "Only Heaven Knows" kicks things off, and it could be the second cousin (or sequel) to Lou Gramm's solo smash from four years earlier, 1987's "Midnight Blue." Edwards is a stylish vocalist, and he, like the multiple replacements for Bad Company's Paul Rodgers, the Guess Who's Burton Cummings, and the Jefferson Starship's Grace Slick, has that tonal quality that can keep the public happy by keeping the sound consistent with what came before. "Lowdown and Dirty" actually got onto the band's Rhino double-CD retrospective Juke Box Heroes, and is another solid rocker.


01. Only Heaven Knows (04:49)
02. Lowdown And Dirty (04:22)
03. I'll Fight For You (06:03)
04. Moment Of Truth (04:26)
05. Mountain Of Love (04:39)
06. Ready For The Rain (05:03)
07. When The Night Comes Down (04:45)
08. Safe In My Heart (04:33)
09. No Hiding Place (03:57)
10. Flesh Wound (04:17)
11. Unusual Heat (04:33)

Lossless music Foreigner - Unusual Heat (1991) FLAC (image + .cue) download flac


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