Lossless The BossHoss - Dos Bros (Deluxe Edition) (2015) FLAC (tracks) music download

Rock / Country

The BossHoss - Dos Bros (Deluxe Edition) (2015) FLAC (tracks)
Artist: The BossHoss | Album: Dos Bros | Released: 2015 | Label: Polydor/Island / Universal Music GmbH | Genre: Rock, Country, Alternative | Country: Germany | Duration: 01:20:21

Berlin-based weisenheimers the Bosshoss reinterpreted contemporary pop and hip-hop hits in the style of traditional country music. Singer/washboardist Boss Burns (born Alec Völkel), singer/guitarist Hoss Power (Sascha Vollmer), lead guitarist Russ T. Nail (Dean Micetech), bassist Gus Brooks (André Neumann), mandolinist Hank Doodle (Mathias Fauvet), and drummers Frank Doe (Ansgar Freyberg) and Ernesto Escobar de Tijuana (Tobias Fischer) co-founded the Bosshoss in 2004, taking the name from a song by the legendary U.S. garage band the Sonics. Clad in ten-gallon hats and fringe-adorned western shirts, the septet developed a sound they dubbed "country trash punk rock," performing rockabilly-inspired covers of songs by Britney Spears, Nelly, and OutKast.


Album 1

01. Wait For Me (4:26)
02. Dos Bros (3:42)
03. Joyridin' (4:06)
04. Today, Tomorrow, Too Long, Too Late (3:48)
05. I Like It Like That (3:48)
06. Star Of The Roadcrew (4:02)
07. She Is A Little B (3:50)
08. Tennessee Woman (4:01)
09. I'm Coming Home (3:33)
10. Lady JD (2:58)
11. A Cowboys Work Is Never Done (4:20)

Album 2

01. No Diggity (feat. Xavier Naidoo) (3:33)
02. Jolene (feat. The Common Linnets) (3:28)
03. Geronimo (feat. Aura Dione) (3:18)
04. The Beautiful People (3:49)
05. Walking Away (feat. Rea Garvey) (4:06)
06. What I Did For Love (feat. Nena) (3:50)
07. Candy Shop (3:30)
08. Thrift Shop (4:03)
09. Easy (3:56)

Lossless music The BossHoss - Dos Bros (Deluxe Edition) (2015) FLAC (tracks) download flac


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