Lossless De/Vision - Best Of... (2 LP) (2006) FLAC (image+.cue) music download

Synth Pop

De/Vision - Best Of... (2 LP) (2006) FLAC (image+.cue)
Artist: De/Vision | Album: Best Of... (2 LP) | Released: 2006 | Label: E-Wave; Drakkar Entertainment | Genre: Synth Pop


LP 1

A1 Foreigner (Radio Edit) 3:39
A2 The End (Extended Club Mix) 6:49
A3 Heart-Shaped Tumor (Radio Edit) 5:38
A4 Unputdownable (Single Edit) 3:57
B1 Love Will Find A Way 3:43
B2 Strange Affection (Album Edit) 3:56
B3 Drifting Sideways (Radio Cut) 3:54
B4 Miss You More (Radio Cut) 3:37
B5 I'm Not Dreaming Of You (Album Cut Version) 4:44

LP 2

C1 Digital Dream (Analogoue At 46Hz Mix) 5:49
C2 Sadness (I Know Sadness Mix) 7:18
C3 Star-Crossed Lovers (In A Black Hole Mix) 5:07
D1 I'm Not Enough (Never Enough Mix) 7:26
D2 Subtronic (Album Version) 5:22
D3 Summer Sun (The Path To Salvation Is Love Mix) 6:33

Lossless music De/Vision - Best Of... (2 LP) (2006) FLAC (image+.cue) download flac


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there is issue with splitting the file.
Thank you for the upload.

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hi, thanks a lot .
why this lp is more long than a wav ?

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